Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bangalore , new Kolkata?

God help us!

An article " BAngalore is new Kolkata" in today's Times of India exasperated me.  My Bengali pride is hurt and may I say, rightly so. The reporter regrets that Kolkata does not buy enough books any more, rather it is the hip and happening Bangalore that is buying all the books!  Where from does the reporter get his/her data to make such a claim? Well, understandably from booksellers and publishers selling books written in English. 

May I, with due burn in my cheeks, ask this reporter, are you bonkers?
What about the Bengali books, which are sold in numbers exceeding thousands and lakhs in Kolkata (alright I am exaggerating)? Do you have a data for that? Or is it that you think books in English are the queens and all other soldier bees must commit suicide to protect her?

God, please think before you write!