Sunday, July 31, 2011

What's in a meeting!

as i write this a general body (GB) meeting is in progress downstairs at our mess (which is the basheer hostel mess at EFLU). the girls have called the meeting to discuss the recent whim of the administration to impose strange norms on them. well they have been protesting for a while but the administration has been rude and silent as ever. today at the GB they questioned the efficacy of an admin that was failing to keep its promise of providing better infrastructure. 
well things have gone really wiry now. 
few days ago the provost in charge of the girl's hostel decided to turn all the single sitter rooms into double sitter which meant that the research scholars were to give up their privilege of living alone quietly and share the room with others. the research scholars naturally protested. the men panicked in men's hostel thinking that their turn would come next. GBs happened nothing came out. protests happened, the media came. 
the provost was unrelenting. the m.a. kids arrived after vacation but were handed their room keys only when they signed an undertaking to abide by the rules. more protests followed. 
the acting VC behaved rudely with the students. 
and now this GB to mull how to go ahead with our demands. 
what are our demands?
1. why is the hostel infrastructure so bad?
2. why don't we've a proper VC in place?
3. why is the admin being so insensitive to our demands?
as i write my good friends mir and binayak have barged in with the proceedings of the meeting. it has been decided that there would be mass protest from tomorrow. protests would be innovative: posters, large painting canvas, media mobilization, signature campaign etc.

hope to see some action soon!!!!

my good friend mir says write eloquently about woman leadership. well it's true, the women have been leading this agitation. they organised rallies, sit in protests and negotiated terms with the authorities. binayak says it's quite unprecedented and he is so proud of the whole thing. i guess he is not being over enthusiastic.  i guess we're not disappointed in the end. 

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