Monday, August 1, 2011

noukadubi/kashmakash and a mistake named rituparno

this one is the worst of the lot, believe me, i am not joking at all! this is the worst rituparno has produced till date.
he began with a children's film: hirer angti (the diamond ring) in 1994. this was followed by a suffocating art film : unishe april (19th april). in bengal, if you speak in an affected way and discuss intellectual stuff you become quite popular. hence our rituparno spoke affectedly and discussed intellectual nonsense and became popular. as was expected he could not be stopped from making movies.
with chokher bali he began his tryst with the bachchans. he had cast aishwarya rai in a complex role and began a trend of casting wrong people in promising movie roles. rai was so bad that even the spot boys were looking for places to hide.
 rituparno recipe : lot of good dresses, use of vintage furniture to create atmosphere, pretty girls, sex scenes with intimate dialogues, lot of crying, nobody should smile, everybody is so serious that you can even hear a grass grow, bad dubbing, pointless dialogues, all the dialogues are delivered in same pitch and oh yes horrible use of music.
but bengalis love this combination called rituparno. a bengali culture that consumes flopsy tv serials loves rituparno. so noukadubi is a goddamn hit.
if i am the editor i would be scissoring off that first fifteen minutes in noukadubi. nothing happens apart from a pretty raima sen sashaying like a period mermaid. And why is jishu sengupta reading aloud his letter? is this a radio drama? please remind rituparno that he has a goddamn camera in his hands.
if i am the editor i would chop off that horribly shot post wreck scene. jishu and riya are supposed to have survived a boat wreck following a gale. but both of them dawdle on the beach like some cartoon characters ready for next shot. why is riya's make up so good even after the boat wreck?
well i can go on, but let's stop here. i hope rituparno makes more such artsy nonsense for bengalis.


  1. Chokher Bali was pricking eyes of everybdy i gues...hw can nybody lyk that crap?!!

  2. I agree with you completely..cant stand Rituporno's crap!!

  3. Just bcoz the matter content of his films bounces off your woolly heads, just because such sensitivity, depth of thought & character, and subtlety is beyond you, you cannot undermine such a prolific and outstanding filmmaker. Go watch some Bollywood crap instead.