Monday, August 1, 2011

that mess of ours!

today i had to eat outside. it was impossible to eat at the basheer mess where hundreds of young kids were being given their room keys. they stood there looking disappointed with the sluggish hostel administration. i felt so awkward to eat snugly in front of them that i ran away to that abhorring veg restaurant sanman at tarnaka and had my roti there.
but from what i hear at the hostel i think this might well turn out to be a routine.  rumour has it that there are more than 800 students in basheer mess this semester. the women's mess authorities are not allowing the men to eat in their mess and hence this extra load. this means that there would be huge lines, unimaginable chaos and mad grabbing for food.
it is just so shocking.
for the past few months we research scholars were the sole pigeons pecking grains at the mess. and now all of a sudden this huge crowd, mismanagement, and gender discrimination and bad food. it feels like waking up to see your house gone.
some of my juniors complained that  the authorities were putting four or five kids in one room. disgusting.
most new single sitters are not furnished. what was the hostel authority doing all the while? i also heard that the authorities even sent away the new m.a. kids because the rooms were not ready yet. i can only fume at this.

while returning from sanman i met vasvi, nirmala and others. they had a small meeting it seems in order to discuss the ways to proceed with our protest against the malfunctioning administration.

  i wish them all the best.

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  1. The University has got plenty of polices and vision. They just don't give a damn.